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  >>Gilroy Festival
  >>Castle rock
  >>Fort Ross
  >>Silly sail
  >>Big Basin
  >>Murdock park
  >>Lone Pine Peak
  >>Big Sur
  >>Lassen Park
  >>Ocean sail
  >>SF Carnaval 2001
  >>Climbing Teolumne
  >>Winter in Yosemite
  >>Shasta 2002
  >>2003 New Year
  >>Joshua Tree
  >>Pajaro Dunes
  >>Half Dome
  Awesome day on "Tango"
  October 18, 1998

Silly Sail with the Silly Crew
Sun Goddesses
Howard - Lookin' Good - foregoing
the push button controls
Jane - showing how much she loves sailing!!
Jane at the wheel with 2 men to
wait on her. Nice going Jane!
End of an Awesome Day of Sailing!!!
Photos and story by Cindy Norman Lee