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  David Naumoff island expedition, Central Canada
  July 1997

On the 4th. of July 1997 we went to Central Canada with our friends from Michigan. Early morning July 3 our plane took off form hot, humid, hazy New York. After short 1.5 hour flight we meet Snezhana and Scott in Detroit airport. That is so nice when somebody is meeting you. In no time, five of us (Moiska - big black dog is in count), were driving in heavy loaded JMC Suburban with two canoes on the top, headed directly North. We crossed 45 parallel, by the way this spring we already crossed Tropic of Cancer, what a range of traveling!

After crossing Canadian border in Sault Ste. Marie we continued another 4 hours along scenic shore of lake Superior and ended in small gold mine town with Indian name Wawa. We spend a night in clean motel, had last shower and entered deep woods. Sometimes the road was so narrow that our car was literally moving through the bushes. We crossed one really unstable wooden bridge and finally got the end of the road - the old bridge across the river was swept away a few years ago.

Fighting with mosquitoes we unload our stuff into our canoes, locked our car and started canoeing up the river. It was a lot of water for that river that year - said Scott. We managed to navigate over the beaver dam without any problem - previous years they had to get out from canoes and pull them over the dam.

Very soon we reached beautiful Iron lake and landed on unpolluted David Naumoff island, located almost in the middle of it. The island was named by the name of one Scott friend who died from leukemia 5 years ago. Right next to the campsite there is a tree with a wooden post on it saying:

August 16, 1992 In memory of David Naumoff June 16, 1968 - June 4, 1992 We proclaim this to be David Naumoff Island

The camp site is right on the end of this stretched island, with gorgeous view on the lake. We pitched our tents and went fishing pikes. There were only pikes in this lake. The fishing place was outrageous beautiful - small river was ending to the lake by very scenic waterfall in cozy bay surrounded by pine trees and birches on the shore. Surprisingly enough we did not catch anything - probably because of : we are inexperience fisherman; high water; not the right time of year - July, or time of day - the sun was still up; just bad luck. Because we were very up north the sun was coming down at 10:30 PM and rising at 4 am. We were almost asleep when it become completely dark and we started our fireworks. Some of us forgot in Detroit the super machine-gun fireworks unit that we bought back in South Carolina. That was so pity! But the fireworks that we bought in Canada were good as well - especially ‘5 blue balls’ and ‘Galactic storm’. The 4th of July we ended with a toast for our friends that not with us - David, Sasha Zubko.

Next two days we spent fishing, canoeing, laying in hammocks, videotaping, swimming, diving into transparent lake water, playing with Moiska, sightseeing beautiful lake scenery, hiking, reading erotic Russian tales, climbing high cliffs, looking at bright night stars and eating out our enormous food supplies. We had small rain one evening , but the rest of the days it was nice, pleasant, sunny, Canadian summer weather.

On evening fishing we caught several pikes. Despite Scot’s protest we kept 3 medium size pikes and prepared them on our campfire. Pikes were extremely tasty, almost sweet. The light wind blow all mosquitoes away from our island, but we still had some extra parts of our body growing very fast, for example extra chick, a few extra bellybuttons, angels wings, second nose and so on.

On our way back we had a lunch on the shore of extremely beautiful Old Woman Bay on the lake Superior. The water was blue, sand white, wind frizzing, cliffs high and steep, chicken tasty. I was so hungry and in harry, that covered whole chicken leg in one bite - like in cartoons.

In Detroit we had fresh strawberries and raspberries from Scott garden. Also we edited our video - put a music on it, some titles, the movie turn out very good. We had plenty of time but we ended up running with our rucksacks into the plane - just to keep our style of traveling. Jane was so scared flying, but we saw a remarkable sunset during the take-off and at the end Jane videotaped the lights of NYC from the plane so she almost didn’t have time to be scared. Of course we were sitting at the wrong side of the plane and we could see only Bronx lights - all Manhattan was on the other side. Our Chinese cab driver on the way from airport couldn’t hear the difference between 45 and 89 street’s numbers.

The next day I had strong ‘post vacation syndrome’ and had to stay at work extra 5 hours. I felt myself much below normal that day.
Story by Stas Yurkevich