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  Montauk, New York
  June 8-9, 1996
  >>Russian Version

This summer weekend Jane and me went to the very end of the Long Island – Mountak. This small fisherman village is summer resort for New Yorkers – many tourists, nice shops, restaurants and quiet atmosphere.

First day we spend on a beach. Jane flied the kite and I went snorkeling. Atlantic Ocean was pretty chill and there was not much to see – crabs, oysters.

We went to fish restaurant right on pier, where sport fishermen were taking caught fish from their boat. We were sitting on the balcony and watching how they hanging fish on the hooks and taking pictures on breathtaking background of setting sun. Then the best part of fish was cut off and the rest was thrown out. At last our dinner was ready. For the first time of our life we ordered live oysters (like rich people do). This dish has a very special taste and we liked it very much.

After late dinner we drove to Hither Hills State Park, where we were planning to camp. But it was too late, computers were down and ranger didn’t let us in. We found accommodation in very nice small "Hotel Sands " right on Atlantic Ocean shore. We listened to the music of the waves all night long. That was so romantic…

Initially we were going to whales watching tour, but it was very foggy that day and boat didn’t go out. So we spend our time walking scenic "Walking dunes". There were no people at all, as far we could see. This is very unusual for crowded New York State. Those white dunes sometime cover woods nearby and trees die. Then dunes move further and you can see dead trees half covered by sand.

On our way back we drove to another ocean beach and watched wavesurfers. This is very dynamic sport, and we decided to give it a try when it gets warmer.

That’s all, we had such a good rest, like from long vacation.
Story by Stas Yurkevich